Umbrella Company

Umbrella companies are an alternative to creating your own limited company which allows us to act as an “intermediary” for contractors whether it is between a client or an agency. Working through an umbrella company means that you are entitled to Pay As You Earn and National Insurance contributions. An Umbrella company is there to take care of all the hard work for you (e.g Paperwork, Back-Office Administrations). However this comes at a cost of a higher tax and National Insurance Contributions.  As an employee the contractor will receive full support from HR within the umbrella company. This includes:

  • Health and Safety at work  
  • Employment insurances
  • Right to National Minimum Wage
  • Statutory payments and rights
  • Holiday Pay
  • Invoicing
  • Time sheet management
  • Payment of Tax and NI contributions as well as statutory HMRC returns and notifications

The way umbrella companies work are rather simple and straightforward. Once the contract is agreed upon you will have to record your time working on a “timesheet” which then your client will sign and confirm, which is then sent to the umbrella company which will afterwards invoice the client.

Payroll Run Twice Day

Our payroll is run twice a day, five days a week via Faster Payments. We process same-day payments and notify you as soon as your funds have been sent!


We will provide solutions which is best suited for you

Income Projection

Our services provide income projection for future years specially designed for you!

Statutory Rights

Working under our umbrella company will guarantee you all of your statutory rights which includes

No More Paperwork

All you have to do is submit your weekly or monthly timesheet and we will take care of the rest!

100% Compliance

Guaranteed the best returns on your money aswell as living without the hassle of HMRC bothering you as you will be working under us.