The purpose of medic umbrella is to create a service which is hassle free and easy.
We go the extra mile to make sure  that we offer the best, bespoke advice as well as support for our clients. This will allow you to keep as much freedom as you had previously to focus on your business.

We will take care of all your needs. Such as tax compliance, admin, payroll, client services as well as HR. We make sure that you get the best service and contractors are paid on time.

100% compliant

We operate a Match Permanent Pay model, working closely with contractors, agencies, and end clients to ensure full AWR compliance.

We check all our contractors’ eligibility to work in the UK.

We provide overarching contracts to contractors who are eligible claim expenses.

We do not operate a ‘Pay Day by Pay Day’ model.

We do not operate any offshore solutions, self-employed schemes, or offer long structure services to contractors.

All payments are made through PAYE only and100% onshore.

We provide full support and assistance to agencies for their Employment Intermediaries Reporting requirements.