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From April 2017, Contractors (Locums) working on Public sector contracts are no longer responsible for determining their own IR35 status. Due to current changes in Law, The Public sector engager/end client (employer) will be required to determine the IR35 status. If the contract is assessed to be inside IR35, the entity which pays the contractor’s limited company (most likely to be either the public sector body (NHS Hospitals) or a recruitment agency) will become responsible for deducting the resulting tax from payments made to the limited company and reporting these deductions through their own RTI processes.

The legislation also confirms that the “deemed salary” calculation to be applied will no longer give a 5% allowance for company running costs for Public sector workers.

So, if you are a Locum working on an assignment for a public sector client, from April 2017 you may see PAYE tax being withheld from the payments made to your company if your end client believes that you are caught by IR35. This doesn’t mean that you are no longer able to contract through a limited company but your take home pay may be affected if your public sector client or agency believes you are working on an assignment caught by IR35.

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